Operación Triunfo | Case

Prime Video

PRIME VIDEO’s first weekly live entertainment show required a new visual identity and a complex campaign to support the beloved OPERATION TRIUMPH” (Operacion Triunfo) FORMAT.

THE CHALLENGE: Sharing the spirit behind the claim “the same as always, like you’ve never seen it before” in the new logo and in every step of the way. We spread the anticipation in every casting call, in every special action and in the thousands of static and motion designs that fed the campaign for months. 

THE OUTCOME? A 360 campaign that adapted weekly with creative artworks that evolved through the pre-launch, launch, maintenance and final gala events. 

STILL GRATEFUL FOR: The chance to shoot the show’s talents’ portrays, to design the show’s famous CDs and of course, the chance to attend one of the live galas. And, why not say it? Grateful for the chance to meet Chenoa and Noemí in Operación Triunfo!

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