Madrid Fashion Film Festival | Case

Ten years ago, we were first to notice the increasing audiovisual content demand among our fashion industry clients, so we created The Madrid Fashion Film Festival. The first film & fashion international festival in Spain.

OUR CHALLENGE: building a festival from the ground up and shooting fashion films when only few knew about them: audiovisual pieces that would later become key to the fashion industry. 

OUTCOME? 5 unforgettable film festival editions in which we worked closely with icons like VOGUE, GLAMOUR, H&M, SEAGRAM’S, VANITY FAIR, SMODA, ARISTOCRAZY and many more, creating exclusive content around our Madrid Fashion Film Festival. 

SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT TO Debbie Smith, who teamed up with us for years giving us the opportunity to learn from her. 

STILL GRATEFUL FOR those unique moments that we shared with Rossy de Palma, Laura Ponte, David Delfín or Bimba Bosé.